Data Analytics

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Do Not Pay Data Analytics provides FREE advanced payment analysis services to federal agencies to help combat improper payments.

  • Data analytics can be defined as using data to develop insights and drive informed decision-making.
  • Data analytics is a valuable tactic for making decisions in government.
  • DNP staff works with customers to design an analytics data solution to help solve customers’ improper payments needs.

A few of the analytics products we offer:

Verification of Payee Eligibility

  • Matching payee data to eligibility data sources

Data Quality Checks

  • Techniques that identify hard-to-detect payment errors and fraud risk in payments, invoices, or vendors

Preventative Controls Development

  • Demonstrate if internal controls are effectively preventing improper payments

Custom Research & Ad-hoc Analysis

  • Provide insight into specific research questions
  • Assist with ad-hoc needs (i.e. cross-government overlap)

Data Availability

  • DNP has access to several datasets to conduct analysis
  • DNP incorporates customer data as needed

Sample Analysis Techniques

Analytics uses many different techniques to identify improper payment risk, such as conducting trend analysis and developing predictive models and risk scores unique to a customer’s program.

  • Helping prioritize resources using risk scoring
  • Conducting pattern and trend analysis on payment data
  • Matching payment data to a death source using advanced, or fuzzy, matching techniques
  • Detecting anomalies such as same unique identifier (e.g., TIN, SSN, EIN, DUNs) and different names
  • Detecting duplicates (e.g., same payee, same agency, same amount, same date)
  • Identifying data quality issues such as missing or illegitimate TINs
  • Identifying fraud risk such as inconsistent payee information or improper overlap of benefit collection
  • Performing other analysis at the request of the agency