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You may subscribe or unsubscribe to our mailing list by using the links above.

When subscribing or unsubscribing to the mailing list, a new e-mail message window will pop up with the necessary information already filled in and all you need to do is send the e-mail to complete the process. Within 15 minutes you should receive an e-mail confirmation message from that mailing list.

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If you’re having difficulty with the subscribe and unsubscribe links, follow the alternative method of signing up for a mailing list described below.

Alternative Method for Subscribing/Unsubscribing to the Do Not Pay Mailing List

If your e-mail client does not open, or you’re using an older browser that does not recognize the links above, you can subscribe or unsubscribe by e-mail as follows.

  • To subscribe, start a new e-mail message to: join-donotpay@lists.bpd.treas.gov
  • To unsubscribe, start a new e-mail message to: leave-donotpay@lists.bpd.treas.gov
  • The subject line and body of the message should be empty.

See sample e-mail messages at the bottom of this page for subscribing and unsubscribing.

Sample messages:

TO: join-donotpay@lists.bpd.treas.gov  
FROM: jdoe@aol.com

TO: leave-donotpay@lists.bpd.treas.gov
FROM: jdoe@aol.com