What’s the first step?

To initiate enrollment in DNP, please send an e-mail to donotpay@stls.frb.org or contact 1-855-837-4391 and provide the following information about your agency:

  • Your agency name
  • Your program name
  • Primary agency contact – please include phone number
  • Types of payments your agency makes – please describe your payment process
  • The causes of the improper awards or payments made by your agency
  • The data sources your agency already uses to prevent improper awards or payments
  • The data sources or information that would help to further prevent those awards or payments from going out
  • The point in your business process (vendor verification, beneficiary decision, debt collection/loan guaranty, grant decision at the point of award or payment, when enrolling clients, etc.) that would benefit most from using DNP to help prevent improper payments

What will happen next?

An Agency Outreach Liaison will review your information and contact you to schedule a time to discuss next steps in the enrollment process.