About Do Not Pay – Improper Payment Initiative


Executive Order - Reducing Improper Payments and Eliminating Waste in Federal Programs



The purpose of this order was to reduce improper payments by intensifying efforts to eliminate payment error, waste, fraud, and abuse in the major programs administered by the Federal Government, while continuing to ensure that Federal programs serve and provide access to their intended beneficiaries.

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Presidential Memorandum - Enhancing Payment Accuracy Through a "Do Not Pay List"


Directed agencies to review current pre- payment and pre-award procedures and ensure that a thorough review of available databases with relevant information on eligibility occurs before the release of any Federal funds, to the extent permitted by law.

At a minimum, agencies shall, before payment and award, check the following existing databases to verify eligibility:

  • Credit Alert Verification Reporting System
  • Death Master File
  • Debt Check Database
  • List of Excluded Individuals/Entities
  • System for Award Management/ Excluded Parties List System


Development of the Do Not Pay Business Center


The Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service partnered with the Saint Louis and Kansas City Federal Reserve Banks as Treasury’s Fiscal Agent, to develop the Do Not Pay Business Center as part of the "Do Not Pay" solution.

Do Not Pay was available in November 2011.